Wapello Chiefs Bowmen was formed in
1953, making it one of the oldest clubs in
Iowa.  In April of 1960, the club purchased
80 acres of land south of Ottumwa.  By
September of that year, 48 targets were
laid out.  In May of 1961, the club had its
first invitational shoot, which consisted of
24 shooters.
In 1962, the club began shooting at the
Ottumwa Coliseum during the winter months.  
The club held its first district shoot that year,
which brought in 48 shooters.  A state
tournament was also held, which had 160
In May of 1964, a fire burned 20 to 30
acres of the course, all of which has
been restored.

In April of 2003, another fire destroyed timber, the barn and it's contents.  A new barn
was built in August of 2003.